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Recipe: Spicy Bacon Pasta

(this video actually describes a somewhat different recipe, but since it sounded so tasty, I thought I’ll include it as well)

Looking for a quick and healthy meal? then spicy bacon pasta is the answer. Spicy bacon pasta is a delicious quick and easy meal that you can throw together in less than 25 minutes, and the best thing is the whole family will enjoy.

This is a recipe we use regularly, even our teenage boys enjoy making it as it is that simple, in addition it reasonably healthy with low levels of sugar and fat.

We love bacon/ham in ours, but you could use any meat of your choice.


1. Bacon/Ham

2. Wholemeal Pasta shapes - you decide

3. Passata or tinned tomatoes

4. Chili Powder

5. Shallots

6. Mixed herbs or spices of your choice.

7. Garlic (3 cloves)

8. Sweetener

9. salt and black pepper for seasoning.

Simply heat the olive oil (which is healthy oil!), in your frying pan and add the chopped shallots and garlic . Cut your bacon into bite size strips and add to the pan, add a teaspoon of chilli powder ( more if you prefer), then leave to fry until golden brown. The aroma is amazing, add some dried herbs to the mix. You are almost there with your spicy bacon pasta dish.

Whilst this is progressing throw on a pan of boiling water and add the wholemeal pasta shapes and cook for the required time.

As soon as it begins to turn golden add the jar of passata or tinned tomatoes, lots of black pepper and a little salt for seasoning.

I secretly add a little sweetener as this enhances the flavoring in the tomatoes.

When the pasta is cooked and the sauce mix is ready, layer them together in a casserole dish, and top this with grated cheddar cheese or Parmesan. and pop the mixture in pre-heated oven for 10mins at 190DegC, until the cheese has completely melted.

This then gives you the time to prepare a nice green salad to compliment this spicy bacon pasta dish and don’t forget a glass of red wine, perfect !

If you liked this spicy bacon pasta dish, check out the  Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook.

Author: Peter Shuker

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