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Microwave Bacon Cookers - The Best Way To Cook Bacon

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For those that prefer their bacon oily, then you may continue with the pan type of bacon cookers. But, for those who are slightly health conscious (and many people ask ‘is bacon healthy?’), then you may consider the following methods for cooking bacon with a microwave bacon cooker. It is only sensible to study all the bacon cooking device’s ability before using it.


Currently, shoppers are spoilt with a myriad selections of bacon cooking devices. They come in a variety of sizes, designs and of course cost. The bacon cooker’s primary job is to maintain the bacon’s plump and flavour without the greasy residues in the microwave oven. Cost varies with the range of bacon cookers and it is determined by individual’s likings.


Most bacon cookers are multi-functional. They can perform defrosting, warming up food and a variety of other cooking activities. Presto brand cooker gives confidence that it keeps the bacon’s flavour without the grease by draining off the fat. The fat harms the human body and should be removed before it is served.


There is an alternative method of cooking bacon that is easy and also prevents the bacon from folding up and clump together. This technique keeps the bacon vertical while cooking and not horizontal or allow it to curl on top of each other. It does this by clamping both edges of the bacon including the centre part. It maintains the bacon in an extended shape while cooking. This increased in surface area cooks faster and gives a better impression when served. This method is used by restaurants to prevent their bacon from curling up.


Bacon is a staple for breakfast (in fact, we’ll shortly provide the recipe for the famous bacon breakfast casserole). And is going to be for many years to come. Hence, it is essential and convenient to have a suitable cooking tool to produce delicious bacon every morning.

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